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Systemic & Family Solutions seeks to provide high quality counselling, consulting and coaching by constantly updating their knowledge and experience. Our practice focuses on individuals and their needs. And we aim at improving the life and balance of the family, the organization or the institution around the individual.

The philosophy of Systemic & Family Solutions is founded on five principles:

The first principle is inclusion.

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This touches on the inclusion of the individual in the larger system, as well as in their organization or society. On the other hand inclusion refers back to that which needs to be included by the individual from its system. Thus the principle of inclusion is two-fold and captures both the inclusion of the individual in its system as well as the system in the individual.

The second principle is based on a strong belief in the resilience of the client.

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At Systemic & Family Solutions we believe that a person may overcome even the most difficult of obstacles in their path. By providing the client with the right tools and properly supporting them, we seek to find a lasting resolution. In this sense the provided services aim at brief and intensive processes that seek to empower the client’s independence. By strengthening the client’s personal resources and ‘presence’, we seek to provide the client with new coping strategies, rather than the sessions being a coping strategy in itself. In other words, the resilience is present in the client, and we seek to expand and empower this.

The third principle or belief is that the greatest impact an individual can have is through their family, organization or institution.

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By working with individual clients, we believe that we can also improve their belonging and impact in the larger system, and in this way, improve the larger system as well. As people are parts of a larger whole, we seek to strengthen the larger system they belong to by empowering the individual.

The fourth principle is the principle of clarity.

Our practices are based on facts, larger academic literature and training. As such, we seek to ground our work in reality, to form a grounding force for the client in order to properly approach the issues. We believe the client is best served by calling the things by their respectful name, without exaggeration or drama. Therefore we seek to help the client by working with what is tangible and can easily be understood and integrated. We aim at centring our clients in the present, the only moment where change can happen. We focus on the now, so we can deal with what is given and available to us in this moment. From this place we can project ourselves towards the future.

The fifth and last principle is the principle of confidentiality.

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We seek to establish a bond of trust with our clients and to create a safe space. Everything said and presented during our sessions is strictly confidential and only relevant to the client and the facilitator.


Our services are offered in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Translation into Dutch/Flemish is also available under petition.

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