Cecilia Altieri

Cecilia Altieri

“I believe we all deserve to be seen and recognised without being judged. We are much more than what is seen at first glance and often, the forces that motivate us are greater than we are and transcend us.
 I believe we deserve respect, for our different rhythms and  what we find possible at every moment. If we knew how to behave differently, we would. We as individuals need respect for our history and the stories we tell, because they are also true.”

-Cecilia Altieri.

Cecilia Altieri has studied Medicine and Psychology.
She received training in Family, Phenomenological and Systemic Constellations,  in Spain with Joan Garriga Bacardí.
And in ISPAB- Germany with Dr. Ursula Franke- Bryson y Thomas Bryson; Institute acknowledged by the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen).
In addition, Cecilia has trained in Transformational Coaching and collaborates as a mentor for entrepreneurs, StartUps and companies through the “Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship – Caribbean”, founded by Sir Richard Branson.
Facilitates workshops and trainings in Systemic Family Constellations at home and abroad.
She is constantly receiving training at  ISPAB- Germany (Munich) and participates in several conferences and congresses.
She also organises and facilitates international events of Systemic Family Constellations in Spain, Belgium, Holland, the U.S. and South America.
Offers private sessions of Systemic Family Constellations for individuals, couples and families; on site, by telephone, online via Skype and via “CoachingSpaces” to people from different countries in 3 different languages: English, Spanish or Portuguese.
Cecilia Altieri is the EMEA Representative for the Latin American magazine of Constellations and Systemic Solutions “Conexão Sistêmica Sul”, based in Brazil and founded by: Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson, Thomas Bryson, Gláucia Paiva and Oswaldo Santucci.

During her sessions she combines the use of Presence as a resource, the genogram (Family tree), Client-Centered Therapy, Trauma work, body awareness and Systemic Family Constellations.

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